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Unique Advantages of Popilush Soft Lounge Dresses


Rare are the women who don't have a single dress in their closet. Dresses are beloved pieces in much of the world. And the reason is easy to guess: practicality. With the rush of everyday life, who doesn't want to dress well without having to spend hours choosing endless combinations of clothes? 


Yes, dresses are unique pieces that make up any look quickly and make a woman much more feminine. If you're looking for original apparel to create a high-quality built in shapewear dress look, then you've found the pot at the end of the rainbow. Since we are going to show you Unique Advantages of Popilush Soft Lounge Dresses. 

1. Long dresses are elegant 

Long dresses give a much more sophisticated look. Can you imagine having this benefit and much more with modeling dresses? Popilush is one of the pioneering companies in dresses with built-in shapewear and has been conquering more and more women adept at wearing it every day. 

Long lounge dresses can be used in different environments. They adapt very well to formalities or more casual days. The accessories you choose to wear with your Popilush dress can transform it according to the situation, as they are adaptable pieces that give you endless combinations. 


You can choose to wear the Built-In Shapewear Long Sleeve Maxi Lounge Dress in several different ways, as it has a wide range of shades. It ranges from vibrant colors like pink and red; to cooler colors with neutral tones like black, brown and gray. They have many benefits: 

  • Soft Modal material with skin-friendly 4-way stretch 
  • Leg openings with non-slip design 
  • Double layer design for better belly flattening 
  • Shapewear lining suitable for shaping thighs and butt 
  • Ideal for daily use 
  • Stretch fabric with double layer of breast support 
  • Removable bust support
  •  Under-seam no-mark waist control effect 

2.  Midis dresses are practical 

Midi size dresses are practical as they can be adapted to different situations. The shoe options that match a dress of this cut are greater, you can play with different types of shoes and completely transform your look. 


The Popilush midi shaper dress is perfect for that woman who wants to slim her waist and immediately align her spine without having to wear a high-compression shapewear garment. This facilitates the use of garments to flatten the waist on a daily basis, promoting greater comfort for the woman. 

If you find that your preferred taste chooses by midi dress size, you can select different models that change the top design. Popilush has dresses with long sleeves, short sleeves, thin straps, round and square necklines and wide collars. In addition, you can choose models of the same type, but with different colors. 

Modeling dresses allow several combinations with other pieces of clothing such as blazers, jackets, coats and vests. But, you can also create completely different looks with accessories such as a scarf, stockings, hats in the same shade as the bag and endless other options.

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